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Telecom Storefront Solutions

Telecom Storefront
NCR Telecom Storefront provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to enable your next generation retail store experience. Supporting the Telecom Storefront portfolio is NCR’s Customer Experience Consulting where NCR applies our proven, multi-industry, holistic approach to analyze your store operations from both a process and technology perspective. The outcome of this engagement is a plan to help you realize next-generation productivity gains and deliver an enhanced customer experience.
Telecom Storefront Solutions:
NCR Bill Payment & Customer Service Kiosks
Enactor Point-of-Service
Q-nomy Q-Flow Customer Management Solution
NCR NetKey Virtual Storefront and Digital Signage Solution
Customer Experience Consulting
    NCR Bill Payment & Customer Service Kiosks
    NCR Bill Payment & Customer Service Kiosks
    Leveraging our multi-industry expertise, NCR offers superior self-service solutions for all shapes and sizes of Telecom environments. From bill payment to customer service kiosks and digital signage, NCR has a self-service solution to meet the challenge.
    NCR SelfServ kiosks provide self-service options for in-store transactions - payments, voice and data top-off, SIM card dispensing, and other transactions to enhance the customer experience.
    Improve the in-store customer experience with an easy-to-use self-service device that supports multiple tender options
    Redeploy store personnel to service higher value activity, driving increased store revenue
    Customers have seen up to a 40% decrease in transaction times after installing payment kiosks


    Enactor Point-of-Service
    Enactor Point-of-Service
    The Evolution of the POS for Telecom Storefronts 
    NCR has partnered with Enactor, to bring the next evolution of POS to Telecom Storefronts. The NCR Enactor POS Solution can help you improve operational capacity and enhance the in-store experiences for customers.
    Enactor’s process-based design architecture enables you to deliver applications and rich content over any channel.  Combined with a development toolset, which allows enhancements and new applications to be built quickly, Enactor is a platform that supports innovation now and in the future.  Enactor comes pre-packaged with world-class retail function that includes conventional POS and selling functions, as well as clienteling and loyalty, queue busting, assisted selling, endless aisle, customer orders and access to inventory.
    • Integrated suite enables product purchasing, plan
    management, provisioning and activation management
    • Inherently omni-channel, support for online, fixed POS, and mobile
    • Support for assisted selling, clienteling, loyalty, promotions and customer orders.
    NCR Q-Flow Customer Management Solution
    NCR has partnered with market leading Q-nomy ™to offer the best in class Q-Flow™ solution to enable end-to-end management of a customer’s in-store experience.  
    Key Q-Flow features include:
    Offers multiple booking channels for customers and prospects
    Captures leads and associated customer follow-up more effectively
    Increases utilization and efficiency of staff, space, and resources
    Reduces no-shows/ abandonments via built-in reminders across channels
    Reduces wait times and increases customer and staff satisfaction
    Provides Predictive Modelling, “What If” scenarios, and Business Intelligence
    NCR Netkey Solutions
    NCR Netkey Solutions

    Leveraging the NCR Netkey solution, you can deploy digital signage and virtual storefront solutions that extend your coverage, inform your customers and promote targeted solutions at the right time and the right place throughout your environment.   NCR Netkey enables rapid, secure, reliable and cost-effective creation and operation of sales and marketing digital signage and interactive applications on kiosks and tablet devices.

    Key Facts:
    NCR Netkey is a proven secure and scalable software platform with a record of successful deployments in multiple industries
    Over 250 top tier customers have implmented NCR’s proven Netkey software platform
    Over 80,000 digital signage and self-service devices across over 400 clients worldwide use the NCR Netkey software platform
    T&T Customer Experience Consulting
    T&T Customer Experience Consulting
    NCR Customer Experience (Cx) Consulting starts with a clear understanding of your existing consumer experience as well as key business and operational requirements. Leveraging this information and our multi-industry expertise, NCR consultants can help you create a uniquely differentiated omni-channel service experience, across the ecosystem and throughout the customer lifecycle.
    Phases Include:
    Understanding: We assess your current product, service and experience against consumer demand and market expectations. Through our observations, we will assess the complexity of your company and offering to understand the customer’s point of view.
    Conceptual Design: Designers balance business requirements and technical requirements to create a conceptual design – an ‘experience blueprint’ for your future stores.
    Design Development: Prototypes will bring your store of the future to life.


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    Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.