Labor Management

Complex scheduling, employee data management, and payroll reporting can be a lot to manage if it’s not all easily accessible from one location. NCR offers a solution where you can centrally manage your labor data and employee information.

Compare Theoretically
Streamline payroll

Track worked and non-worked hours and export payroll data to third-party applications.Give your employees access to mobile scheduling

View checks in real time
Give your employees access to mobile scheduling

Allow your employees to subscribe to receive schedule and schedule change notifications.

Drive additional revenue
Transfer employees between locations

Deploy your employees to where they are needed the most, while avoiding any paperwork headaches.

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  • Labor management
Intelligent forecast engine helps structure work schedules aligned with forecasted business activity
Graphical reports that summarize labor time, cost and percent of sales
Auto-completes government forms
Ability to export custom payroll data, including worked and non-worked hours
Customized workflow capabilities ensure that managers in all stores are consistent in their business processes
Integration to the POS for time capture helps track “early in” and “out late”, two major contributors to higher labor costs
Reduce labor costs by eliminating unnecessary overtime
Fine-tune schedules to understand true staffing requirements
Streamline payroll by easily tracking worked and non-worked hours
Access mobile schedules straight from the point-of-sale
Ensures adequate, but not over-scheduled staff
Includes key alerts to mitigate compliance concerns
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