Inventory Management

Every penny counts when building a profitable business.  Using inventory management functionality, you can ensure you are tracking all of your sales, inventory, purchases and other expenses, as well as predicting your theoretical usage and food cost.  The solution also supports contract pricing, streamlines communication with suppliers and provides accurate forecasting tools to predict future sales, product mixes and guest counts.

Reduce your food cost variances

Easily see the top 20 items that make up the majority of your food cost variances and take action.

Compare Theoretically
Compare theoretical to actual spending

Refine your purchasing strategies with a much deeper knowledge of your actual spending.

Enhance the customer experience
Negotiate contract pricing

Better manage your supplier relationships using real-time data to streamline communication with suppliers.

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Inventory and recipe management, purchasing, cash management and reporting
Recommends purchase orders based on trends and delivery schedules
Calculates future sales amounts, product mixes and guest counts at 15-minute intervals
Supports product transfers including automatic notifications and reconciliations
Offers dynamic views of the top 20 food items and offers real-time cost of all goods
Graphical reports including food cost by category, menu item contribution, sales mix percentage, over and under used items, purchases in detail and much more
Suggested ordering option that allows the system to include order counts from open purchase orders
Configurable reports that can be used to show single store or store-over-store comparisons
Understand what’s happening in key operational areas
Measure, control and reduce food costs by viewing the food costs of your top 20 items – pinpoint areas of unnecessary spending and eliminate them
Monitor the real-time cost of goods, based on current pricing or first-in, first-out usage and quick inventory counts
Compare theoretical to actual spending, using information to refine purchasing strategies
Use solution data to negotiate contract pricing and streamline communication with suppliers
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