Consumer Self-Ordering Kiosk

Millennials, Gen Z, Baby Boomers and Digital Natives…you want to attract them all. It comes down to being able to offer choice, flexibility and convenience.  In addition to mobile apps and online capabilities, you can accomplish this by adding self-ordering kiosks into your business that are a seamless extension of your restaurant point-of-sale.  Our kiosk solution helps you increase throughput during your peak times and offer multiple ways for your customers to order, pay and interact with your brand.  Consumers can take their time to review the entire menu, look at special offers and place their order – all without standing in a line.

Order Accuracy
Increase order accuracy

Guests customize their own orders reducing errors and enabling them to easily confirm orders.

Enhance the customer experience
Enhance the customer experience

Give your customers an easy way to get in and out of your restaurant quickly.

Drive additional revenue
Drive additional revenue

When they are in direct control of their order, your guests are more likely to order more.

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Simple item ordering and integration with Loyalty and Stored Value
Currently runs on iOS tablets and can be used on countertops or mounted on floor stands
Cloud based configuration and order processing
Orders fire directly into the kitchen
Ability to email or print receipts
User friendly consumer experience
Increase sales throughput during peak times and offer another channel for ordering and interaction
Provide millennial and gen z customers with convenience and an intuitive way to accurately design orders
Increase average check spend – consumers are more apt to order more when self-ordering
Faster to implement and lower total cost of ownership by extending the Aloha platform to self-ordering kiosks

Restaurant brands are undergoing an evolution and transforming their operations to become digitally integrated businesses. Omni-channel software that can help integrate physical and digital channels, while aggregating, integrating and presenting enterprise data, is critical to their success.