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It’s a tough environment for today’s retailers. Customers demand personalized service, flexibility, and choice, no matter how they shop. Stores need to undergo transformation to become the hub of the shopping experience, by combining in-store with the best of digital commerce. They are challenged to eliminate silos to gain full transparency across all channels with a single view of customer, inventory and price.

However, there are retailers who are succeeding in this new landscape and increasing sales by investing in unified commerce solutions. Find out which key technologies are enabling their growth in the Unified Commerce Landscape Report from IHL Group, then see how unified commerce ready you are by using the Benchmarking Tool.

How are winning retailers using unified commerce technologies to drive sales growth? Find out by reading the Unified Commerce Landscape Report, which presents the results of a survey by IHL Group of over 90 retailers across the UK and USA. You’ll learn the strategies being implemented right now by retail winners, to help you prioritize which technologies to invest in moving forward.

Highlighted topics include:

  • Store transformation: 77% higher sales growth rates for retailers providing mobile sales tools for sales associates
  • Personalization: 107% average sales increase for retailers using customer preferences across channels
  • Seamless experience: 102% average sales increase for retailers with cross-channel demand planning in place
  • Actionable analytics: 106% higher sales increase for retailers investing in empowering associates with actionable analytics

To understand the unified commerce landscape, and the opportunities to drive growth for your retail business, download the report now.

Unified Commerce
Landscape Report

Find out how winning retailers are
boosting sales

Now see how you stack up – take a quick test using the How Does Your Garden Grow? Benchmarking Tool and get your unified commerce readiness score and customized report.

Based on IHL Group’s Unified Commerce Index, you will find out how you measure up against businesses already getting the most out of the eight technologies that are increasing sales.

Find out if you’re trailblazing a way forward when it comes to implementing unified commerce technologies or if you’re playing catch-up and the grass is looking greener for your competitors.

Try the Benchmarking Tool and find out how you compare now.

How Does Your
Garden Grow?
Benchmarking Tool

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ready you are

Ready to see how you can make your grass greener?

We’re here to listen and provide you with the right advice, solutions and support – helping you get better engaged with your customers. Let’s work together to get your business unified commerce ready.

With NCR’s Cx Retailing Strategy and unified commerce platform, we can bring together all touchpoints, regardless of channel or system, into one frictionless, connected customer experience.

NCR's unified commerce platform is an innovative commerce hub that equips you to better address omni-channel requirements. The unified commerce platform provides unmatched openness and flexibility, enabling you to introduce new digital services and unify your management systems. It offers gradual migration at your own pace, maximizing ROI while protecting existing IT investments.

To see how NCR helps retailers achieve Cx Retailing, watch our short video now.

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