SelfServ™ Select Edition


The Select Edition is the latest addition to the NCR SelfServ Family.  Coupling digitally inspired design with the option of cash dispense or cash recycling modules. The SelfServ SE Cash is an interior freestanding cash dispenser.  The SelfServ SE is an interior pocket cash recycler.

The SelfServ Select Edition is built on 3 key values

Provide cash to customers in convenient locations


Enhanced features to improve uptime


Leveraging over 40 years of experience to protect the ATM

Meet the Select Edition


NCR Media Handling 2.0

See the widest range of deposit, dispense and recycling options in the ATM industry.


NCR is a global leader in omni-channel solutions,  turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. Our SelfServ family is the number one ATM family with more than 650,000 units installed worldwide, and the number one global vendor in ATM software applications and middleware.

The SelfServ Select Edition
SE Cash
SE Cash
15” Multi-touch Display
Windows 10 Ready Core
Biometrics Enabled
S1 or S2 Media Dispense Module
CEN I Safe
SE Cash
Interior freestanding cash dispense ATM

The SelfServ SE Cash is a bank-grade cash dispenser, designed for consumers, and built for financial institutions and independent deployers. Customizable and easy to service, the SE Cash combines improved ATM performance with increased security.

SE Recycle
SE Recycle
15” Multi-touch Display
Recessed EPP (PCI Compliant)
Pocket Style Interface
BRM Recycling Module
CEN I Safe
SE Recycle
Interior pocket cash recycler ATM

The SelfServ SE Recycle is a freestanding cash recycling ATM designed for both consumer and small business transactions. Customizable and easy to service, the SE Recycle combines digitally inspired styling and a powerful Bunch Recycling Module.

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