Bill Nuti in the News

Bill Nuti in the News

Chairman and CEO, NCR


Bill Nuti is a thought leader in the business and technology communities. As the architect of NCR's visionary strategy to lead the omni-channel revolution, he is helping to shape the future of commerce. Bill is a frequent speaker at high-profile business and technology events. He also is an established enterprise and business policy leader in Washington, D.C., where he founded a CEO policy forum on tax reform and competitiveness. He has spoken at the White House Forum on "Strategy for American Innovation."

Press and Articles by Bill Nuti

The new payment future: 3 technologies leading the way

Changes in consumer behavior continue to be rapid, disruptive, and largely driven by technology influences, such as mobile devices, big data, the cloud, IoT and machine learning.

How My Job as a Paperboy Taught Me About the Power of Reinvention

Bill talks about how the "reinventors" of today are a new generation of bold entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take risks and make gambles on their ideas and their future. 

Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Make the Digital Transformation

As the CEO of a large company, there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting visionary entrepreneurs and seeing their small businesses take off.

Challenge for the next administration: Evolving tech policy for the digital and data revolution

The world is undergoing an unstoppable digital transformation, affecting every aspect of people's day-to-day lives.

Ten Minutes That Mattered: NCR's Bill Nuti

Business is often built or destroyed on disruption -- some sudden innovation, insight or strategic move that changes the game for everyone. The same is often true in our lives...

How Bill Nuti reinvented NCR Corp.'s culture and infrastructure

When Bill Nuti took the reins at NCR Corp. in 2005, he inherited a troubled company. As he describes it, NCR at that time was a stagnant 120-year-old technology conglomerate that had developed "muscle memory on how not to grow."

William Nuti leading NCR's reinvention as global tech leader

Integrity has been the hallmark of William Nuti's journey to CEO of NCR. "Doing the right thing when no one is looking" is a lesson learned from family and business mentors that he has translated into his work ethic.

Reinvention: A CEO Instills a Vibrant Culture in a 130-Year-Old Company

Bill Nuti speaks about the 'call to reinvention' both personally and in a rapidly changing global world.

Restoring NCR's Ka-ching

Form the Bronx to the Board Room, NCR's Bill Nuti talks about transforming NCR from the 'cash register' company of its past to the omni-channel, consumer experience leader they are known for today. (Barron's subscription required to view full article.)

Bill Nuti on Reinventing NCR

Boston Consulting Group sits down with Bill Nuti to talk about what it took to revive a 135-year old icon.

Lessons from the Space Race: Reinvigorating our American Spirit for Competitiveness and Innovation

Bill Nuti teams up with GTECH President to talk about the importance of STEM to our economic growth.

News About Bill Nuti

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NCR's Bill Nuti Receives ATM Industry Association Lifetime Global Innovation Award

NCR Chairman and CEO Bill Nuti to Keynote ATM Cash & Innovation Europe 2017

How Bill Nuti reinvented NCR Corp.'s culture and infrastructure

William Nuti leading NCR's reinvention as global tech leader

NCR Chairman and CEO Bill Nuti to Keynote ATM Cash - Nasdaq

Reinvention: Bill Nuti Instills A Vibrant Culture In A 130-Year-Old Company

Bill Nuti, NCR CEO, poised to take on the grocery wars - CNBC

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